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What's New

1. Added a brief article on US sword values by Tom Nardi.
2. Added several items to the For Sale/Trade section and one to the Wanted section. 3. Added Rick Wagner's new bookstore under the dealer links.

1. Added several additions to the want ads and for sale ads.
1. Added several additions to the want ads and for sale ads.
2. Added two new books to the bookstore, including Civil War Cavalry and Artillery Sabers, by John Thillman.

1. Added new additions to the want ads and classifieds.

1. Added several new additions to the want ads and classifieds.

1. Added a new research article on CW era sword inspectors (non-Ames swords).

1. Added a new research article by Rick Wagner.
2. Added a new classified ad.
3. Added an online link to the War of the Rebellion records (under collector resources).

1. More additions to the classified ads.
2. Added a lot of example pictures to the US Sword Pattern page under Photo ID.

Completed overhaul of the new site. I have added to every feature on the page, including more classified ads, a sword identification feature, and navigation tables on the top of each page, so please take the time to go through the whole site and look around.

1. A new article by Jean Binck was added
2. A new article by myself was added
3. A new classified ad was added

1. A new article by Jean Binck was added
2. A new link under Collector Resources was added
3. A new Dealer Link

1. Finally added the article on Civil War era Sword makers and Marks.
2. Added two books to my library page.
3. Added more classified ads.
4. Marked one classified ad sold.
5. Created a want ads page.
6. Added links to other pages on the Fraternal Sword Article.
7. Added another dealer link

1. Added a great article on the Toledo sword factory by Juan Perez.
2. Added pictures to the terminology page (part of the beginner's guide article).
3. Added a link to Juan Perez's web page under the heading of Resource Links.

1. Placed the book store on a free server in anticipation of changing ISPs.

1. Added a new article--this one on the M1917/1941 cutlass models.
2. Added links to the auction and museum pages.

1. Added 4 swords to the classified ads.
2. Jean Bink submitted a great article on Chatellerault sword manufacturing.
3. Updated my personal collection page.
4. Posted the outline for the CW era swordmakers' marks article. Any pics you could submit will help!
5. Got rid of pop-up windows in favor of banner ads. At least they keep this site from costing me to run.

1. Made additions to the dealer links.
2. Made additions to the resource links.
3. Added another classified ad.

1. How the time flies between updates. Started page overhaul, I hope to finish it next week.

1. Corrected the spelling of the word article wherever I could find it (my effort to promite literacy on the web).
2. Added another article to my article page (needs construction work, still).
3. Added three links to the resource page.
4. Added one link to the dealer page.

1. I added more pictures of my swords to the page, as well as a picture of myself in the great hall at Edinburgh castle. More pics to follow once I get my camera fixed and a friend scans them.

1. Added two new articals to the artical page. Thanks to the authors!
2. I added links to the dealer page, as well as the historical dealer heading.
3. I added a new classified ad to the collector sell/trade page.

1. Added the Sword Collector's Bookstore. Take a look!

1. Added links to modern sword section of the dealer page.
2. Created the book section on the dealer page, with links.

1. This page.
2. Added links to the dealer page.
3. Renamed the dealer page as dealer links.
4. Added the resource link page, with links.
5. Added the artical page, with one artical.
6. Rearranged the main page.
7. Removed duplicate posts from the forum.

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