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Official Pattern

US Swords

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M1812 Starr Cav Saber

M1818 Starr Cav Saber

M1818 Starr NCO Sword

M1826 Cutlass

M1832 Artillery Sword

M1833 Dragoon Saber

M1840 Musician Sword

M1840 NCO Sword

M1840 Marine Sword

M1840 Cav Saber

M1840 Cav Officer Saber

M1840 Light Artillery Saber

M1840 Artillery Officer Saber

M1840 Foot Officer Sword

M1842 Cutlass

M1850 Foot Officer Saber

M1850 Staff and Field Officer Saber

M1852 Navy Officer Saber

M1860 Cav Saber

M1860 Cav Officer Saber

M1860 Cutlass

M1860 Staff and Field Officer Sword

M1872 Artillery Officer Saber (non-reg)

M1872 Cav Officer Saber

M1875 Marine Officer Saber

M1902 Army Officer Saber

M1905-6 Experimental Cavalry Saber

M1906 Cavalry Saber

M1913 Cavalry Saber (Patton)

M1917 Cutlass

M1941 Cutlass


Sword Varieties

Foot Officer Sword

Foot Officer Sword?

Medical Staff Sword

Militia Officer Sword circa 1850-70

Militia Officer Sword circa 1850-70

Militia Officer Sword circa 1850-70

Eagle Pommels and

other Officer Swords


Revolutionary War era Silver Hilt Hunting Sword

Artillery Saber c.1820-1840

Horse Head Saber

1790-1810 Mounted Officer Saber

Thanks to:

Will Gorges at Civil War Battleground Antiques

Charles Snyder at Snyder's Treasures

Rob Miller at Lion Gate Arms and Armour

and many other individuals who donated pictures for this project.