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Terrans Against Xenobiological Interferance(T.A.X.I.)

Proposed Legal Complaint Against Alleged Alien Occupants/Operators of Disk Shaped Flying Craft

Criminal Complaints Must Issue Because:

  1. Alien Craft Are Interfering In Our Natural Social Evolution!
  2. Alien Craft Represent A Hazard To Aerial Navigation!
  3. Abductions by Aliens of our Citizens IS a National Security issue!
  4. Cattle Mutilations is a National Security issue!
  5. Alien Craft Continue to Violate Restricted Military Air Space Over Top Secret Installations!
  6. Alien Craft Demonstrate Superior Technology And The Will To Use It Against Us!
  7. Alien Craft Are Proven To Be Harmful Upon Human Contact!
  8. Alien Craft Sightings Are Terrorizing Our Population And Disrupting Our Way Of Life!

      These events constitute a "Clear and Present Danger" to our nation, our Citizens, and all Terran societies and the President should let us know just what he plans to do about it, because he is the Commander In Chief of the military!

      Complaint Form

      We hold that the willful violation of our laws and blatent disregard for our soverign rights is NOT the hallmark of a mature, advanced interstellar society!

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