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Black and Purple Bead Head
An Eric Martin Fly

Black and Purple Bead Head 


Bead Head Materials List

Category Steelhead
Hook #1-2/0 Gamakatsu 90* 2X heavy 90* Jig Hook
Beads 9/32 - 11/32 Solid Brass Bead (Also, Nickel Plated Brass)

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Pin (for securing bead to hook)


GSP 200 (for attaching pin to hook, and for tying of the pattern)

Hackle Schlappen Hackle (various colors)

Crosscut Rabbit Fur (various colors)

Alternate Body Options Ultra Chenille, Estaz (various colors)
Tail & Body Flash Krystal Flash, Polar Chenille (various colors)

These Bead Head variations were created by Contributing Fly Tyer Eric Martin. We realize that they might be a bit controversial, but we also like to present every option to the Winter Steelhead fly fisherman and let them decide. In the high and fast water conditions of winter it is often difficult to get flies down to steelhead lies. Many fly fisherman resort to wrapping lead around their leaders, using heavy sinking lines, or weighted flies.

As Eric described, "I fish a lot of 'jigs' as described by many people. I 'nymph' fish them under large poly yarn indicators in the deeper holes, or faster water where I need a super heavy, easy to see pattern. Some people do not agree with these being deemed 'flies' (strangely, many of the same people have no problems pegging plastic beads as 'egg patterns') but many others seem quite fond of them. As you can see by my pictures, they are not the lead head, marabou jigs many people think of. They are all bead head, schlappen, rabbit, marabou, krystal flash, etc., blends."

Read more about Eric Martin and see more of his flies at The Flies of Eric Martin.


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