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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Leon's Coho Shrimp Treat
Originated and Tied By Leon Guthrie

Leons Coho Shrimp Treat
Name Leon's Coho Shrimp Treat
Category Coho Salmon, Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead, and Rainbow
HookSalmon Single size 4
Eyes 12lb monofilament nylon (knotted), then form small ball of hot melt glue on knot. Measure length to about 25 mm, tie knot and cut. Again form small ball. Finally colour with black permanent ink pen. See Leon's Coho Shrimp Treat Eyes.
BodyWeight hook shank with lead wire, then tie on orange marabou and several strands of Veniard Krystal Flash (Hot Orange) for tail. Tie on red-coloured copper wire and a length of clear Magic Shrimp Foil (or clear Plastic Bag will do). Cut 'inch strip about 2 inches in length. Leave for later stage. Tie on a good portion of Veniard Glister Sparkle Dubbing (Red). This actually looks more Orange & Red in a mixed blend. Twist the dubbing into long strand and wind around hook shank while building a thicker body towards the hook eye. Tie off and then place clear Magic Shrimp foil or plastic over top of body. Tie off near hook eye. Now wind the copper wire tightly around the hook shank, 1/8-inch space for every turn, and tie off copper wire. Form a small head with fire orange tying thread and then place monofilament eyes at right angle. Tie on with figure of eight and then around the base of the eyes to bring them up. Finally, form head and apply a little super glue on thread. Use Velcro Hook Tool to tease the dubbing fibres.
CommentsSalmon eat a lot of shrimp at sea. This particular pattern creates a lot of movement with the eyes in the position creating turbulence and imbalance to the pattern when fished in the current of the river. See also Leon's Coho Shrimp Treat Colour Variation.

This pattern was originated and tied by Leon Guthrie of Galashiels, Scotland. You can see more of his originals at The Flies of Leon Guthrie.