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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Leon's Butterfly - Based on: Pieris rapae The Cabbage Butterfly
Originated and Tied By Leon Guthrie

Leon's Butterfly, Originated and Tied By Leon Guthrie
Name Leon's Butterfly
Category Salmon and Trout Species
Hook TIEMCO TMC 2312 Size 6 ( Slightly Humped Shank, Straight Eye 2 x Long)
Body Chenille (Color : COFFEE) or you can use Black/Brown or Gray dependant on species
Legs and Antenna 8lb Monofilament Nylon (Knotted for leg joints) Antenna has blobs of epoxy glue at the ends and also is colored with black permanent ink pen.
Wings These are made from a Non-woven fabric material used for cleaning computers etc. One type is called "Safecloths" and the Other Type I use is called "Microwipes". This material is quite strong but remains pliable and has the texture of the Real Butterfly Wings. These are sized And printed on the fabric by placing the fabric sheet on a A4 piece of paper and using sellotape Around the border of the fabric.( No liability for any damages to your printer, This is done at your own risk) I have had no problems with my printer. By using any of the attached Photographs of the Butterfly's Wings of different species you can print these onto the fabric. And cut around the shape of the wings leaving the central white part for attaching to the hook.
[Buttterfly Wings 1 | [Buttterfly Wings 2 |Buttterfly Wings 3 |Buttterfly Wings 4 ]
Tying the Butterfly These are very easy to make, First you attach 2 pair of legs, Like that used in Leon's WASP(Which see).These are attached at the thorax area leaving a small gap between the legs for room for the Chenille. Now if you have prepared the wings place the white central part of the wing on top of the Hook shank and then put a pen mark on the hook shank where the white central part of the wing ends. This is where you now attach 2 pieces of Chenille about 3 inches in length for ease. This later is going to be looped over the wings as making the body of the Butterfly. Now attach a longer piece of Chenille behind where you attached the 2 pieces and wind the chenille back to the hook bend and then forwards to the legs and finally tie off near the hook eye. Now use a piece of 8lb Monofilament Nylon and fold this in half and attach behind the hook eye, still keeping the tying thread behind the hook eye. Now to attach the Wings. Mix a small portion of Clear Epoxy Glue and apply onto the Chenille on top of the hook shank and also on the white central part of your Wing. Now lay the Wing on top of the Hook shank and allow to dry. Once dry then bring the 2 other pieces of Chenille over the Back and finally tie off behind the Hook eye.

I have stopped wondering if there is any living creature Leon cannot create on a hook. You can see more of Leon's work at The Flies of Leon Guthrie and see his notes about Leon's Butterfly below.

Leon's Notes: On this pattern you don't necessarily have to put on Legs or even print the wings as this pattern works very well with just plain White Wings if you get the shape correct.

Fishing the Butterfly: Normally used on Stillwater Fisheries as a dry fly floating on the surface, Gentle casts are required with no whipping during the back cast. Otherwise the wings come flying off, Admittedly these do not last long, but they are Easy and quick to make and I have a lot of fun using this pattern during the Summer Months.
Please Note: It is advantageous to smear "GINK" Floatant to the Butterfly wings, as this not only makes them float but also retains the printed pattern on the wings better and it also enhances the color of the pattern to come through better.

Tight Lines to All.