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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Leon's Epoxy Tadpole
Originated and Tied By Leon Guthrie

Leon?s Epoxy Tadpole, Originated and Tied By Leon Guthrie
Name Leon's Epoxy Tadpole
Category Salmon and Trout Species
Hook TIEMCO 300 Size 6. Down Eye, Heavy Wire 6X Long. Forged, Bronze
Body MaterialsWhite Antron Body Wool, Green & Brown Chenille, and Black 8/0 Thread
Hook Preparation:See Photo. To prepare the tail section of the Tadpole first apply thread in a tapered fashion to create the muscle structure within the tail, use Black /Brown or Olive Green Thread leaving a large gap for the head to be built later. Now having a Polythene Bag handy mix some Clear Epoxy Glue and Smear over the threaded area and now lay on the Polythene Bag. Now using Epoxy Glue again With a cocktail stick apply the glue to form the shape of the Tadpole Tail and extend this slightly Beyond the hook bend. When the glue is set, Remove the Tadpole from the Polythene Bag and you will notice one side is very flat. Now mix more Epoxy Glue and apply it on the Flat side and also looking at the side angle to ensure you get the thickness of the tail equal on both sides.

To build the head I have used various methods, these ones I've used Hot Melt Glue to form the head, but you can also build up the head with any Chenille and then cover with epoxy Glue. Or build up the Epoxy Glue in Stages whichever method you choose.

The Metamorphosis Stage of the Tadpole with emerging hind legs if you wish to make this pattern Is simply three strands of 10lb Monofilament Nylon that is Pleated to ensure that I have at least three toe's for later stage. This 1 inch piece of Pleated Monofilament is then attached to the underside of the hook shank before you build the head keeping the Pleated Monofilament horizontal to the hook shank. Use epoxy glue for attaching the legs on the hook.

Now build the head and cover the head with Epoxy Glue, wait until set and use a Black Permanent Marker pen to color the head but don't color the legs yet. Now if you bend over the legs and tack them on the side of the tail section with a tiny drop of super glue just to hold them in place then finally adding Epoxy Glue to hold permanently on the side of the tail. Now apply more Epoxy Glue to thicken the legs and also splay out the three stands of monofilament to form the toe's and thicken them also with epoxy glue. Now you can use colored pens to color the legs I have used Yellow First the spotted in a little green. The eye's are painted with either a Yellow or White dot followed by a black pupil. Then again the whole head is covered with epoxy.

Fishing TipsThese are particularly good when you see tadpoles in the shallow areas of lakes or fisheries During the time of their different metamorphic stages, Cast out and retrieve with slow figure of eight giving the odd little twitch. Rainbow trout on my fishery have also taken the one with the legs fished Static at given depth while also using a bite indicator.

Leon's Epoxy Tadpole is one of the newest in his amazingly realistic, Novelty Series. You can see more of Leon's work at The Flies of Leon Guthrie.