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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Leon's Rainbow Bug
Originated and Tied By Leon Guthrie

Leon's Rainbow Bug
Name Leon's Rainbow Bug
Category Salmon and Trout Species
HookKamasan Buzzer Hook Size 10
Body3 mm Rainbow Beads and Black Cock Hackle (Black Thread 6/0) or Orange Hackle for coloured water.
DetailsSlip on three Rainbow Beads and place hook in vice. Tie thread behind bead at hook eye and tie on small black cock hackle. Secure with thread and a tiny drop of super glue on the thread. Move up to the next Rainbow Bead and repeat again with the same procedure.
CommentsThis pattern has proven to be a profound catcher of most species of fish in both river and stillwater fisheries here in Scotland. Catching Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Grayling. Many other anglers have tried it with equal success during it's trials. I have had much about this pattern. And it is so simple to make.
Fishing TipsFish with a floating line and fluorocarbon leader 12 to 15 feet, fished either static or slow figure of eight retrieve seams to do the trick. Also taken many times On-the-Drop! If the water is dirty and off colour use the Orange Cock Hackle Version. This also has the same results. Teams of two or three on the leader has resulted in hooking up to two fish at the same time and hard fights. That will get your heart thumping!

The Rainbow Bug is originated and tied by Leon Guthrie. You can see more of Leon's originals at The Flies of Leon Guthrie. See his notes about this fly below.

Leon's Notes: Well I was not planning in sending anymore patterns while trying to compile book, but I cannot resist sending you this one that works extremely well even for Salmon, especially the Orange version. Many anglers here are having great success on the river and fisheries with this one, and much talk is going on about it; simple yet so effective.