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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Leon's Line Tip Sinkers
Originated By Leon Guthrie

Leons Line Tip Sinkers

These "Line Tip Sinkers" are designed simply to connect to the loop at the tip of your floating Line in order to sink the tip of your line and drag your leader and fly into deeper water. With the use of the Quick Release Attachments the sinkers can be easily attached or detached when required while you are wading in the river.

The benefits are that you do not need to change to intermediate lines or sink tip lines or change to heavier fly patterns in order to get the fly deeper. There are many occasions when I am fishing an un-weighted fly in the middle of the river and come across an area were I need to get the fly down deeper. A quick connection of the Sinker enables you to do that quickly. Trials have been very successful with no dire effects to casting.

These are simply and quickly made using Quick Release Attachments as used in my Bite Indicator (which see) and Articulated Combination Lure (which see). I have used an AAA Lead Split Shot which is then covered with white nylon stocking pantyhose material. That is attached to the Quick Release Attachment with tying thread and the hole assembly covered with Super Glue. Then I put a thin film of epoxy glue all over the lead shot and thread to make it more lasting.