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Peacock Spyder ™
Originated and Tied By Joel LaFollette

Peacock Spyder


Peacock Spyder ™

Category Original Steelhead Fly
Hook Daiichi 2151 sz. 2 or low water hook
Tag Silver French Tinsel
Body Chartreuse Floss over silver Mylar
Under Hackle Black Philoplume from pheasant rump, spun in dubbing loop
Hackle Blue Peacock breast feather

Peacock Spyder is an original fly from Oregon fly tyer and fly fisherman Joel LaFollette. See Joel's notes about it below and you can find out more about him and his flies at The Flies of Joel LaFollette .

Joel's Notes: "The Peacock Spyder has always been my change up fly. When a fish comes to a fly but doesn't take, after a few more casts I go to the Spyder. One October it brought over 20 fish to hand on the Deschutes. It can be tied low water style on a lighter hook.

I am currently working on other flies in this series but will withhold them until they too are proven winners. For updated fly patterns and fishing reports visit www.royaltreatmentflyfishing.com."

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