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          Pattern provided by Bruce Knowles
           Tied by John Glaspy


Name Pixie
Category Pacific Salmon
Hook Size 4 3X long steamer hook or size 1 salmon fly hook
ThreadHot pink (or match color of fly)
WeightAs desired
TailTwo or three hot pink marabou feathers, with a few strands of silver flashabou and pearl Krystal flash
BodyLarge silver cactus chenille
RibMedium red wire, counter-wound through the palmered hackle
Hackle Hot pink saddle hackle
CollarAnother hot pink saddle hackle
Tying TipsThe fly looks better and is much more durable if you tie in the palmered hackle by the butt in the front of the fly, wind it back over the body, then counter-wind the wire forward through the hackle. This fly is also effective tied in orange and chartreuse. I haven?t tried purple, but someone should.

"Pixie" was tied by Contributing Fly Tyer, John Glaspy. You can see more of his flies for Pacific Salmon at The Flies of John Glaspy. See his notes about this fly below.

John's Notes: I have a few favorite "fishing flies" for Alaskan salmon, flies that are effective but relatively cheap and easy to tie, so I can carry a lot of them on extended trips. If I had to pick one of these flies as the best and most consistent producer of these fish it would be the Pixie. This fly was first shown to me by Bruce Knowles of Wasilla, Alaska. It is simply a Battle Creek with a different color scheme, but I have been amazed at its effectiveness. For me, it has out-produced all other Pacific Salmon streamers. It also usually works well in clear and stained water and on overcast and sunny days.

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