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Polar Herring (Crawford)


Polar Herring

Name Polar Herring
Category Pacific Salmon
Hook Size 4 to 2/0 (Saltwater)
Thread White
Body & Tail Silver Mylar piping, tied down at the bend and unraveled for the tail

White over pink polar bear or FisHair, topped with a barred mallard flank feather, stem and all, trimmed to match the length of the hair. (The entire wing is tied down at the hook bend to for a back, making sure that the pink hair shows at the sides.)

Eyes Painted (optional), white with black pupils
Head Tying thread

The pattern for this fly came from the book by Bruce Ferguson, Les Johnson, & Pat Trotter Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon. They note that it was originated by Jim Crawford. The fly is as a matter fact mentioned quite frequently in Jim Crawford’s book, Salmon to a Fly, Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon in the Open Ocean as a favorite for Pacific salmon fly fishing.

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