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Firecracker (Salt Water Version)



Name Firecracker (Salt Water Version)
Category Pacific Salmon
Hook Size 4 to 2/0 (Saltwater)
Thread Red 6/0 standard or kevlar
Tail Trailing end of silver mylar piping, tied off to prevent unraveling
Body Silver Mylar piping
Eyes Medium bead chain
Head Tying thread

This particular version of the Firecracker was adapted from the photos in the book by Jim Crawford, Salmon to a Fly, Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon in the Open Ocean. There is no recipe given for the fly but Mr. Crawford mentions it frequently as one of his favorites. His notes about flies for salt water salmon say that they should match two to four inch herring, needlefish, and lance for larger fish. The photos of Firecrackers say that they were created by Bob Jones, of Courtenay, B.C., and show many different variations of this theme. There is also a fresh water salmon fly, called Firecracker developed by Tony Frascarelli (which see).

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