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Rick's Revenge (Shewey)

Rick's Revenge

Name Rick's Revenge
Category Summer Steelhead
Hook Alec Jackson Nickel, size 1.5
Tag Flat silver tinsel when not dressed on a nickel plated hook like this one
Butt Hot pink or fluorescent red floss veiled on top with the same
Body Purple dubbing
Rib Silver oval tinsel
Hackle Purple
Wing White and purple polar bear (or similar material)
Cheeks Jungle cock
Collar Purple-dyed guinea (I substituted blue)

Rick's Revenge was originated by John Shewey. In Fly Fishing for Summer Steelhead, it is on his and Forrest Maxwell's list of 12 proven steelhead flies that they present as “dependable, effective flies that, over the years, that have taken many steelhead for many anglers”, that “…have survived the test of time and have earned our confidence” (Shewey and Maxwell, 1996).

The one that I tied here has a blue-dyed Guinea collar substituted for the purple-dyed Guinea because I have had some difficulty acquiring large-sized Guinea lately. I think, though that the blue will be as effective as the purple.

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