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Sandstrom Baitfish (Sandstrom)
Tied By Steve Burke

Sandstrom Baitfish

Name Sandstrom Baitfish
Category Pacific Salmon
Hook 6 to 3/0, Long Shank
Body Silver Tinsel or Diamond Braid (Diamond Braid used here)
Wing Unravelled lime-green lamé (Subbed here with lime krystal flash) over white FisHair or polar bear
Head Lime green thread with a collar of red at base of wing

Sandstrom baitfish is a pattern from the book Fishing For Pacific Salmon by Bruce Ferguson, Les Johnson, and Pat Trotter. The fly, according to the authors, has become a "tried and true" fly in the south Puget Sound as a baitfish imitation. It was originated by Garry Sandstrom of the Morning Hatch in Tacoma, Washington.

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