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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Loligo Variation

Loligo Variation
Name Loligo Variation
Category Pacific Salmon
Hook 4, 3XL
Thread White
Tail Two Long White Hackles
Cheeks Mixed Bunch of Pale Pink, Pale Blue and White Fish Fuzz
Eyes Barbell Eyes, White with Black Pupils
Body Fur Dubbing Made up of One Part Pale Pink, One Part Pale Blue, and Two Parts White
Hackle Front of Body Palmered with One White Hackle, One Pale Pink Hackle and One Pale Blue Hackle

All species of the Pacific Salmon include squid in their diet, so they are of importance to the fly fisherman for fishing offshore in the salt. This pattern imitates a baby Loligo (Loligo opalescens), a variety of squid that is common from Mexico to Alaska, along the Pacific coast. It is also a pattern more commonly used in the Puget Sound region.