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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Freakazoid (Cloninger)

Freakazoid (Cloninger)
Name Freakazoid (Cloninger)
Category Pacific (Chum) Salmon
Thread Hot Pink
Tail Hot Pink Marabou Plumes
Body Weighted with.030 lead, Cherise Chenile (I used Crystal Chenille)
Hackle Chartreuse Saddle Hackle Palmered over Body
Head Hot Pink

This colorful fly was featured in Alaska Flyfishers last July as a Fly of the Month for Chum Salmon. I'd recommend visiting their site for more detailed instructions. This one has some slight variations, including an up-eye rather than a straight-eye hook. I was fascinated by the colors of this fly and could see right away it will be a great attractor for Chums. According to Alaska Flyfishers this was developed by Tom Cloninger, who's idea was to combine the most effective salmon colors with one of the most effective styles (wooly bugger). I've got some in my fly box now, waiting for the Chum season next fall.