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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Originated and Tied By Leon Guthrie

Category All Species
Preparation The various Glitter can be purchased on its own in various colours from Craft Shops and comes in different grade's of metallic particles. The finest particles are the type that I use on these patterns. The general make up of these are set on a Kamasan B100G (Gold) Buzzer hook, Black thread tying on the breathing filaments first with Antron Body Wool and colour of your choice (either attach antron straight along hook Shank for Tail and Head Breathing filaments) or just apply tail breathing filament's. Later you can apply Breathing Filament at right angle to the Hook Shank if you wish. Once you have the Black thread covering the hook shank and filament's protruding, trim the Antron Breathing Filaments at the eye end of the hook. But keep the tail long as this is useful for holding whilst dipping into the Glitter. Now prepare a mix Of Clear Epoxy resin (Quick Drying) and apply this to all the Black Thread on the Hook Shank ensuring that you cover all area's whilst on the vice. Turn the vice to access all areas. Now grab the Long Antron Tail, remove the hook and dip into Glitter. Once completely covered, keep it in the glitter until the epoxy sets. When Set, remove and flick with your finger to get rid of the excess Glitter or wash Under a tap. See also ore Glitter Bug examples here, and here
Comments If you cannot obtain loose glitter, the other method is obtaining "Kiddies Glitter Glue Sticks" of various colours. The Glue contained in these Kiddies Packs are no good for our purpose, so you have to Remove the Glue. It is quite a simple procedure. Should you need to do it this way. If you cut the container and put the Glue Glitter Put a good bit of Washing up liquid into a mug mixing thoroughly. Then fill the mug with boiling water and stir. The glue evaporates and the Glitter particles settle at the bottom of the mug, Pour off the soapy water gently without letting the Glitter come out. Repeat with boiling water once more, stirring and pouring off the water. Once you have minimum water left, put mug in hot oven to evaporate what water is left. Once dry, scrape out the Glitter Particles into a small receptacle.

These Chironomid imitation/attractors are Leon Guthrie originals. They were developed by Leon and he has had great success with them stillwater fly fishing some of the many great fisheries of his native Scotland. Leon's original flies are unique, not only for their realism, but for the inventive use of non-traditional materials. See more Leon Guthrie originals at The Flies of Leon Guthrie.