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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Conehead Bugger (Burke)

Conehead Bugger (Burke)
Name Nisqually Conehead Bugger
Category Pacific Salmon / Steelhead
Hook 1/0-2/0
TailBlack Marabou withA Few Strands of Black or Red Krystal Flash (Optional)
BodyBlack Chenille
HackleWebby Black Hackle Palmered Over Body
HeadCone Head Painted Pearlescent Red

This fly is nothing more than a variation of Wooly Bugger and Egg-Sucking Leech. It's simple to tie and can be effective dead-drifted in deep runs of Kings and Silvers. It will sometimes work when brighter flies are not working, but can be tied in any combination of colors. The Conehead adds weight to get it down.