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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Red Eye (Burke)

Red Eye (Burke)
Name Red Eye
Category Chum Salmon
Hook 1/0-2/0
UnderwingChartreuse Marabou with A Few Strands of Lime Krystal Flash
OverwingLight Green Teal Tented Over Marabou
CollarSoft Red Hackle
ShoulderRed (Eyed) Pheasant Body Feather

Chartreuse and red are popular colors for Chum Salmon and this fly, modeled after the Alaskabou type flies, was a big Chum Salmon catcher for me last fall. The tented overwing, helps keep the marabou from wrapping around and fouling on the hook. If you haven't fly fished Chum Salmon, I think you are missing something. They are pretty aggressive and great fighters. They'll often strike at a fly, even on their spawning runs.