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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Leons "Ultra Lace Caddis Nymph"
Originated and Tied By Leon Guthrie

Leons Ultra Lace Caddis Nymph
Name Leons "Ultra Lace Caddis Nymph"
Category Salmon / Steelhead / All Trout Species
HookKamasan B830 Trout Classic Lure Long. Size 10
BodyUni-Thread 6/0 Black. Tie on few fibres of White Body Antron for tail, and change to green Fluorescent Floss 'way up the hook shank and back down to the hook bend. Now tie on Veniard ULTRA LACE (Clear) at hook bend and wind forward 'way up the hook shank and tie off. Change thread back to Black. Now tie on Peacock Herl and wind to form thorax, and use black thread to form a small even head.
CommentsSimple, yet effective pattern for River and Stillwater Fishing
Fishing Tips Variable retrieves, slow figure of eight or fairly fast retrieves have brought in good specimens

This pattern was originated and tied by Leon Guthrie of Galashiels, Scotland. You can see more of his originals at The Flies of Leon Guthrie.