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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide

Sockeye Fry (Luce)

Sockeye Fry (Luce)
Name Sockeye Fry
Category Rainbows/Dolly Varden/Grayling
Hook Size 2 to 8
Thread White
Body Flat Silver Tinsel or Pearescent Tinsel
Wing Sparse White Bucktail Under, Sparse Natural Bucktail Over Tied Forward, Then Folded Back Thunder Creek Style and Secured with Red Thread
Eyes Painted Yellow with Black Pupils

This salmon fry imitation is tied very sparse to imitate the sockeye salmon fry that are found in abundance in Alaska. It has proven very successful on Dolly Varden, Rainbows, and Grayling in clear waters. Cast accross stream with a floating line.