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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide

Dave's Fry Fly No. 1 (Mitson)

Dave's Fry Fly No. 1 (Mitson)
Name Dave's Fry Fly No. 1
Category Pacific Salmon/Steelhead/Rainbows
Hook Size 4 to 8
Thread White
Tail Unravelled Pearlescent Mylar Tubing from Body
Body Pearlescent Mylar Tubing Over White Thread
Wing White Bucktail under, Brown Bucktail Over Tied Facing Forward, Then Pulled Back Thunder Creek Style and Secured wit Red Thread; A Narrow Grizzly Hackle at Each Side
Eyes Painted White with Black Pupil

This salmon fry imitation was originated by Dave Mitson for fishing those conditions when salmon fry are present and are prey for other fish. The grizzly hackle simulate the parr markings, the pearlescent body adds flash that simulates that of the fry moving through the water, the red thread simulates the gills. Mr. Mitson fishes this fly with small darting motions on a floating line.