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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Red Shrimp (Johnson)
Tied by Steve Burke

Red Shrimp (Johnson)
Name Red Shrimp Variation
Category Steelhead
Tag One Turn of Flat Silver Tinsel
Body Red Fur (I Subbed SLF) Loosely Dubbed over Fluorescent Orange Floss
Rib Flat Silver Tinsel
Body Hackle Dark Ringneck Pheasant Rump Feather Palmered From Second Turn of Tinsel
Collar Soft Red Hackle, Tied Back
Wing Hen Hackle Tips Died Red-Claret, Short and Low
Topping Golden Pheasant Crest
Head Red

This is a variation of the Walt Johnson pattern originated in the 1950s for the Upper Columbia River. The hackle palmered hackle on this version is perhaps a bit short and the wing perhaps a bit long.