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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Pink Floozy

Pink Floozy
Name Pink Floozy
Category Steelhead/Pacific Salmon
Hook Mustad 36890, Sizes 2-8/Weighted with .030 Lead Wire
Thread Pink or Red
Body Pearl Diamond Braid
Throat Hoyt Pink Saddle Hackle
Wing Fluorescent Pink Marabou with a Few Strands of Pink or Pearl Crystal Flash

The pattern for this fly came from the fine book by Alaska Flyfishers, Fly Patterns of Alaska. If you are interested in fly fishing Alaska, or in popular Alaska fly patterns, this book is a must. It is chock full of patterns of all types. They write that this fly is a good attractor for Salmon and Steelhead. It has been very successful on the Situk River for Steelhead.