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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide

Soft Water Sedge

Soft Water Sedge
Name Soft Water Sedge
Category Steelhead
Thread Black
Hook Partridge Wilson Dry 01, Sizes 8-10
Ribbing Fine Oval Silver Tinsel
Body Loosely Dubbed Seal Fur, Rear Half Gold
Front Half Gold Brown
Hackle 10-12 Black Moose Mane Hairs,
Twice the Body Length
Wing Two Red Dotted Tragopan Pheasant Feathers
With Two Smaller Mearns Quail Feathers
Note Mottled Pheasant Body Feathers Can
be Substituted for the Mearns Quail Feathers
Head Rust Deer Hair, Spun and Pulled Back
Over Body and Wings