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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
R.V.I. (Inderstine)
Tied by Steve Burke

R.V.I. (Inderstine)
Name R.V.I.
Category Steelhead
TagFlat Silver Tinsel
TailGolden Pheasant Body Feather Barbs
BodyRear 1/3 Pearl Flashabou or Silver Tinsel; Front 2/3 Orange Seal
RibOval Silver Tinsel
Rib Oval Silver Tinsel
HackleTeal Over the Front 2/3, Optionally Counter-Wrapped with Fine Gold Wire
Wing Four Red Golden Pheasant Body Feathers Set Low Over the Body
Head Fluorescent Red

The pattern for this fly came from the fine book by Dick Stewart and Farrow Allen, Flies for Steelhead. They write that this fly was originated by Ronald Van Iderstine, an Oregon Steelheade guide, hence the initials in the name. It can also be dressed with a forebody of purple green, or light-orange.