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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Green Head

Green Head
Name Green Head
Hook Size 4, 6, 8
Category Pacific Salmon
Tip Fluorescent Green Thread
Tail Black Bucktail, Kip or Squirrel Tied Comet-Style
Body Fluorescent Red-Orange Chenille or Floss, Ribbed With Oval Gold Tinsel
Hackle Bright Orange
Head Fluorescent Green Chenille with Gold Bead Chain Eyes Tied on Ahead
Thread Fluorescent Green

The pattern for this fly, came from the fine book by Bruce Ferguson, Les Johnson, and Pat Trotter, Fly Fishing For Pacific Salmon.
They write that this fly was created by Californian Rex Collingsworth about 1980 as a green variation of the Egg Head.