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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide

Botham's Fancy

Botham's Fancy
Name Botham's Fancy
Category Atlantic Salmon
Hook Size 8 and 10, Salmon Hook
Thread Primrose
Tag Fine Oval Silver Tinsel
Ribbing Oval Silver Tinsel
Body DFM Green Floss
Throat A Bunch of Cambridge Blue Hackle Fibers
Wing Black Squirrel

Note: This pattern came from the fine book by Peter O'Reilly, Trout & Salmon Flies of Ireland. He writes that he tied this fly for a visit by Ian Botham, the English Cricket player to Ballynahinch in 1987. The fly was so much a success, everyone in the hotel wanted one as well.

Trout and Salmon Flies of Ireland by Peter O'Reilly