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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Pink Sparkle Shrimp

Pink Sparkle Shrimp
Name Pink Sparkle Shrimp
Category Salt Water
Hook Daiichi 2546 or Equivalent
Thread Clear Mono
Antennae Two Strands Pink Krystal Flash
Body Pink Latex Strip Wrapped or Pearl Diamond Braid
OverBody Pink Krystal Flash
Legs/Beard Pink Krystal Flash
Eyes Small Black Bead Chain

Tying Instructions:

This fly is great for Coho in the salt when there are no bait fish around. In sandy bottom bays dredge it along the bottom. In open ocean situations, work it near the surface. Imitate the movement of the shrimp with a long draw retrieve and an occasional popping of the rod tip.