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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Green Highlander (Classic Version)

This beautiful fly was tied by Wolfgang von Malottke of Classic Salmon Flies Wolfgang's Home Page
Since I tie mostly Pacific Salmon and Steelhead flies and cannot do justice to the classics, he has agreed to let me use his pictures.

Green Highlander
Name Green Highlander
Category Atlantic Salmon
Hook Size 2/0 to 8, Salmon Hook
Tag Silver Twist, Canary Yellow Silk
Butt Black Ostrich Herl
Tail Golden Pheasant and Teal
Ribbing Oval Silver Tinsel
Body Two Turns of Yellow Floss and the Rest Green Seal Fur
Hackle Palmer Body With Soft Green Hackle
Wing Two tippets back to back, veiled with light and dark mottled Bustard,
Gold pheseant tail, dark mottled Turkey and Swan or Turkey dyed green,
(I prefer blue and yellow as well) Mallard and a topping.
Throat Yellow Saddle Hackle
Sides Jungle Cock
Horns Blue and Yellow Macaw
Head Black