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Name Frammus
Category Winter Steelhead
Hook Size 2-12, Weighted (optional) with lead wire
Body Chartreuse Nylon Yarn or Chenille
Wing Cerise Glo Bug Yarn
Head Danville 6/0 Florescent Red                                                                                            

The Frammus is one of many Winter Steelhead flies developed for the Lake Ontario rivers like the Salmon River in Pulaski. Although, this is the most common, it can be tied in a variety of complementary colors for Steelhead and can be also tied as a Pacific Salmon fly in larger sizes. When you tie this one, it is useful to lock in the yarn wing by first making placing a strip of yarn from the bend of the hook, over the shank and well past the eye. Make a few wraps of thread over the yarn in front of the body, then fold the extended yarn back over the shank and wrap the thread over the folded portion. The wing can then be trimmed at the rear of the fly.