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Green Game Fair Fly
A Lawrence Finney Fly
Green Game Fair Fly


Name Green Game Fair Fly
Category Salmon/Seatrout/Steelhead
Hook No 2 salmon
Thread Scarlet no 7
Tag Gold utc wire
Tail Florescent orange pheasant tippet and fluorescent yellow tippet
Butt Red ostrich herl

Golden olive dubbing

Body hackle Fluorescent purple saddle

Gold utc wire

1st Hackle Blue partridge
2nd Hackle Green guinea fowl

Green guinea fowl

Underwing Married red and green goose
Overwing Fluorescent orange pheasant crest
Side stripe Florescent yellow pheasant crest
Eyes Jungle Cock

Green Game Fair Fly was tied by Irish Contributing Fly Tyer Lawrence Finney.

Lawrence's Notes: "Attached are 2 flies I have dressed up for the Shanes Castle game fair in Antrim  and Birr Castle Down South or Ireland. These are are going to be named "Great Game Fairs of Ireland Fly".

You can see more of Lawrence's flies at The Flies of Lawrence Finney .

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