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The Swan - A Sergei Fesko Fly

The Swan

Name The Swan
Category Classic-Style Atlantic Salmon Featherwing
Tag Silver oval tinsel and black silk
Tail A topping and Indian Crow Substitute
Butt White herl
Body Flat Silver Tinsel
Rib Black Silk With Medium Oval Tinsel Running on Each Side of it
Wings Five Pairs of Amherst Pheasant Tippets,Partially Overlapping and Partially Veiling a Pair of Jungle Cock Feathers. Jungle Cock Feather is Tied in Between Each Pair of Tippets, With a Topping Over All
Cheeks Jungle Cock, Indian Crow Substitute,and Rifle Bird of Paradise
Horns Lady Amherst Tail Fibers
Head Black

This is our second submission from Esonian tyer, Sergei Fesko, and we can hardly wait for more."The Swan", as was his last fly, is quite stunning. You can see more fine examples of Sergei's work on his website, Fly Tying From Sergei Fesko. We are hoping to see much more of his work on Salmonfly.Net.

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