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Steve Burke's Salmon and Steelhead Fly-Tying Guide
Faltin's Black & Red
By Jan Faltin

Faltin's Black & Red, A Jan Faltin Fly
Name Faltin's Black & Red
CategoryAtlantic Salmon
HookMustad 4196 streamer, #6-#8, Weighted with Goldhead
TagFine Gold Tinsel
Tail Black Tempel dog hair with red angelhair
Butt Red Stretch nylon
BodyBlack Crystal Chenille
HackleBlack body wrapped hackle
SidesRed fluorescent antron

Faltin's Black & Red was tied by contributing fly tyer, Swedish tyer Jan Faltin. You can see more of his flies at The Flies of Jan Faltin. See his notes below.

Jan's Notes: A sea trout and salmon fly which in test fishing has showed itself very successful. The trout has take it very hard. I fish it with floating line and with a sinking tip because I then can get it farther down to the bottom. Take it home slowly and be prepared for hard strikes. For stream fishing, I put on some weight with a gold head. Almost all the big fishes have bitten to this fly. I 've tried other colours, but they preferred this red and black creation.

How to Tie

Start by tying in the gold tinsel under the hook bend, wrap a close nice tag. Then wrap the stretch nylon and shape a nice cone and butt. Now put just a tiny drop of super glue and spread it out. This is done to prevent sharp salmon and rainbow trout teeth tearing the nylon apart.

Now tie in the tail, with the black tempel dog hair and also some red angel hair on both sides of the tail. You should also put some angel hair on the top.

Next start with the chenille. Wrap up a piece so that you can see the thread tie it in, and after that tie in the feather in the point and put the fibres backwards. Wrap with even turns the chenille to a nice body as you check it out so the body becomes nice and smooth.

Take the antron (the sides) and tie it in. It should be a little bit longer than half of the body. After that the feather should be wrapped in with even turns along the hook. Keep away the antron, and tie it as close as possibly to smooth it out. Tie the rest of the feather behind the binding. This is to get the softest parts of the feather, which gives the fly more volume and life. Tie off and make a nice head, varnish 2-3 times.

I've also tied this fly on simple salmon hook size (5 Salmon) but then with a wing in three sections and the result seems very fine. It remains to see if the salmon has the same opinion.

Best Regards Jan Faltin