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The Flies of Jack Cook











Jack Cook at his fly tying bench Washington fly tyer, Jack Cook has been tying Steelhead flies for 20 years and owns an online store where he sells Steelhead flies, fly tying materials, and Atlantic Salmon flies. He has an extensive knowledge of the art of tying and fly fishing spey flies and it shows when you visit his site. I was impressed with his flies, but even more so with the amount of information he shares with the visitors to his site. I encourage you to take browse his site if you are at all interested in tying or purchasing speys.

A couple of years ago over a cold beer before a Mariner's game my wife Kathleen and I decided a vocation was way better than a paycheck so we decided to quit the rat race and start Steelhead Anglers. Steelhead Anglers is the brainchild of Jack Cook. I am from the Seattle Area, USA and have been tying Steelhead flies for over 20 years and selling them for much of that time. I believe that tying is as much a part of the sport as swinging a fly. In the last 12 years I have been focused on Spey patterns and that is where Steelhead Anglers comes into play. I discovered as a tier that few, if any, shops have a comprehensive selection of great Spey tying materials. I on the other hand had spent years ferreting out sources for necessary materials and discovered that their was a niche for high end Spey tying materials and flies. I now have my own Spey hackle, my own Silk-Berlin Wool, my own Rhea, Silver Pheasant, and on the list goes. If it is not top quality I do not sell it. In addition I sell materials from other excellent sources such as Ronn Lucas Sr. I tie patterns from all over the world: traditional Speys from Scotland and Ireland and Autumns on the Spey as well as patterns from the likes of Syd Glasso, Walt Johnson, and Dave McNeese. In additional I have developed my own Northwest Spey patterns using the legacy of successful Steelhead Hairwing patterns for inspiration. I also field-test the patterns so you cannot buy anything from me which has not stretched the mouth of a Steelhead. Check out the stuff at Steelhead Anglers. Just to make things a bit more challenging I am also a full time Steelhead Fly Fishing guide on the rivers of Washington State. Check out Flyfish Washington.

Jack Cook

The Flies
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Candlelight Spey Kalama Special Spey Punch Spey Akroyd

Duncan's Golden Shrimp Emerging Caddis Spey

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