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Not Just the Guy From Gunsmoke!: A Matt Dillon Website

Hey! Well, thanks to Angelfire who deleted my personal home page for no apparent reason, most of my Matt site ended up disappearing too.:( But don't worry, it's under construction. Keep visiting to see when it'll be back up, and enjoy what's here now!:)

There's another Matt Dillon besides that TV character. In fact, contrary to "popular" belief, this Matt Dillon wasn't even named after the Gunsmoke character, he was named after his uncle. THIS is Matt Dillon the actor, the same guy who was gushed and swooned over in the 80s and is meanly ignored by the press today. He's one of my many favorite actors , and there's no question that he is talented and versatile and VERY worthy of the SECOND unofficial Matt Dillon Home Page.

Here you can find info., sexy pictures, stuff about his movies and links to more Matt Dillon sites. Enjoy, and don't forget to sign the guestbook!!!

Here's a couple of interviews; one from 1997 and one from 1996. The '97 Interview from US magazine!

The Cigar Aficionado '96 interview. I love this. It talks about The Saint of Fort Washington!

Send me an email regarding this page! I know I say I will answer each and every message, and believe me, eventually I will:).

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FORT WASHINGTON- The Matt Dillon Message Board! Sign it, about anything Matt-related.:)

Coming soon- a slam book and movie clips from Matt's films.

***PLEASE NOTE.... I am not Matt Dillon...I'm just a fan, like you... sadly, I have no contact with him... so if you sign the guestbook with private messages for Matt or sent me emails for him, I hate to tell you this, but he's not going to read them.:) I don't mind the signatures, but I don't want anyone to think Matt is rude for not replying to your messages. If you want him to see a message, the best I can suggest would be posting a public message in the guestbook since, for all I know, he visits this page regularly. Lots of actors do visit their pages. But again, Matt doesn't know my password, so I wouldn't send private messages to him. Thank you.****

Please visit-

My page for Matt's friend and another of my favorite actors, Kevin Corrigan.

My Adam Trese page, another talented actor. He appeared with Matt in "The Saint of Fort Washington", as did Kevin.

My anti-Leo page, for a talentLESS actor!

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