Welcome to, Nerf HQ! THE place for Nerf news, reviews, tips, and tactics! This site has gone through a major overhaul and has added a new section, a few more links, and tons of new pictures! Some of the new sections, like the indoor tatics, and individual war tatics sections constantly go on and offline, but that problem will be fixed soon.

Right now, Nerf HQ is divided up into 4 sections, the Arsenal, Workshop, the War Room, and the Barracks. The Arsenal is the place for weapon and ammo reviews, as well as a order form for extra ammo straght from Nerf! The Workshop is filled with weapon modifications for tons of great Nerf guns, to make them even more lethal. Look into the War Room for war ideas and war stories from frequent visitors in Nerf HQ. Lastly, the Barracks has a new Nerf ranking system for your own Nerf club, and a directory filled with the names and locations of Nerf warriors all over the world!

Latest Updates

<1/29/01 The first update of the new year! This time I have 2 great new war ideas that can be found in the war ideas section. Be sure to check them out!

10/12/00 I bet some of you never though I would touch Nerf HQ again, well, I did! I didn't update anything on the site, but I plan to after this weekend. Im going up to U of M for a huge Nerf war and will come back with a bunch of weapon reviews and stuff. So keep checking back for more!

3/29/00 Don't get excited, yet. This isn't a real update, but just a fix from a massive screw up that occured after my last update. It was all the Nerf News section's fault, so I just took out the whole section altogether. Now, the page should work again!

3/12/00Finally, after two years Nerf HQ has been updated! It took me a while, but I did it! Although this update isn't as major as I hoped it would be, it is an update. I added a bunch of new links to all of the spiffy new Nerf sites to keep you happy until next time. It's going to be a long time until that next update though. College, work, and real life in general is taking a huge toll on my free time, thus I have not had a Nerf war or bought a new gun in over a year. I was thinking of making this update the last, but it will not be. Hang on, another update will happen!

9/27/98Yay! Another update! Sorry this one isn't as big as I said it would be, but at least it's an update. I added 2 new links to the links page. Dont worry, I'm still updating!

8/13/98 Finally! New reviews! I just put in a review of the Lock & Load and the Larami Extreme Ballgun. I also added a link to Stealth Wolf's Nerf Page, and added descriptions to some of the links.

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