Jammin' at the Brookside in Lakewood, WA, Before the Flood.

Hello everyone, I'm Ron Fowler, singer, songwriter, guitarist, and terrible piano player. You may have seen me in the Northwest playing on my own, or with my group, The RF's. If you haven't, well, that's okay, too. I'm not famous - maybe a legend in my own mind! I've been making music for longer than I'll admit to. What is an RF? Right Field? Rat Fink? Radio Frequency? No, we are Raider Fans! My long time favorite live band is Paul Revere and the Raiders. They started out here in the Northwest, and were my inspiration for starting a crazy rock and roll band.

Haven't heard our music? Go back to our home page, and there's a link where you can hear us on Soundcloud or Band Camp. You can download or stream our music there. You can even find me on Myspace, but I don't go there much anymore. I sing and play guitar, my brother Jeff is our bass player, and he sings a few songs in our shows, too.

People ask us "what kind of music do you guys play?" I say "rock 'n' roll". That means a hundred different things to a hundred different people, but I guess the best description of our show is "hard 'n' heavy with marshmallow". Some of the artists and bands that I love are the Kinks, the Lovin' Spoonful, Paul Revere and the Raiders, the Beatles, Badfinger, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, the Everly Brothers, Rick Nelson, Bob Dylan, Little Richard...well, that's a few of them. I'm sure they have all influenced me in my music.

2020 was a very discouraging year. We had several shows lined up, and all were cancelled due to the statewide band on social gatherings. In the past, we enjoyed playing street fairs, festivals, farmers markets, state parks, and the occasional bar or donut shop. I am confident 2021 will be a better year - I miss performing too much to ever give it up.

I have also performed 'around the sound' on my own, with just my voice and acoustic guitar. I can play you any song the Beatles ever did, all the Elvis you'll ever want to hear, although my favorite singer is Rick Nelson. You're not going to hear me singing anything from today's hit lists - if I do anything new, it's something I wrote. I'm more comfortable with bands like America, Bread, artists like Gordon Lightfoot and Lobo.

Our lead guitarist for many years was Dave Park - you can hear his great playing on our "Eyetunes" cd, as well as our current release, "Intentionally Blank". Both projects were recorded using my Zoom digital MRS-8 in various locations. It was a time consuming, tedious process, laying down tracks one by one, but the result was recordings we are pleased with.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you soon!

For booking info, please contact Ron at his email address.

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