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Washington Mushrooms

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THE MUSHROOMS OF WASHINGTON Lets take a trip back to an era before major corporations, industrial wastelands, and chain businesses when people lived on pure instinct. This was a time in which materialism did not exist and people worked together as a community to survive. Food in Washington couldn’t be obtained from a simple trip to the grocer but could often take months to harvest and grow. Mushrooms were commonly found and could be used for cooking purposes. This became convenient for the folks because merely boiling the mushrooms made an excellent source of protein that was actually quite delicious. While a good majority of mushrooms in Washington were poisonous there were a select few that had an effect unknown to the people. This effect usually caused visual distortions, euphoria, a feeling of being detached from the body, and possibly a spiritual awakening. With Christianity just being discovered, times were confusing and they knew not how to use it to the fullest extent. As time passed, they started to understand the possibilities these “magic” mushrooms left upon them and they began to identify what mushrooms are capable of doing. Now the people had a source of food and spiritual guidance ironically enough coming from the same thing. While many sicknesses and deaths occurred from poisonous mushrooms. Edible mushrooms became delicacy that was healthy and easy to cook, only needing to be boiled to one’s preferred taste. Now the Native Americans of Washington had everything they had ever desired in high-grade food. With everything almost perfect in the township the folks felt as if nothing could go wrong. It was at this point some pioneers by the name of Lewis and Clark came into the picture. While they only wanted to trade goods and learn about their culture, this was only the beginning of the end. As word of mouth made its way across the country, many people of the white culture migrated to the area of the state known as the Washington. Where mushrooms had once grown so peacefully, homes and businesses began its reign on what could once be called a land of unlimited possibilities. The people of the Caucasian culture grew into the millions causing the natives to be forced into small pieces of land known as reservations. As the mushrooms became scarce, apartments, housing developments, prisons, and recreational faculties now had indented their place in history leaving the former occupants of Washington high and dry. In conclusion, these people knew not of the damage they caused in the land where food grows like grass and the mushrooms sprouted like weeds.

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