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America... Land of The Free!
~Thank You Dad ~

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This page is a tribute to my father, Erling Syverstad (USA, WWII, died'90.)
Also, it is dedicated to All and... the United States of America, "Land of the Free"
and to the servicemen and women of all branches and all wars
who served any people or country fighting tyranny to be or stay free. And
particularly to those who sacrificed their lives spiriting for FREEDOM on earth.
WE THANK YOU and SALUTE YOU.   God Bless You All.


"My Country 'Tis of Thee"

~ Grandpa ~

It Is The Soldier

not the reporter, who has given US Freedom of the press
It Is The Soldier
not the poet, who has given US Freedom of speech
It Is The Soldier
not the campus organizer, who has given US the Freedom to demonstrate
It Is The Soldier
not the lawyer, who has given US the right to a fair trial
It Is The Soldier
Who salutes the Flag, serves under the Flag
It Is The Soldier
Whose coffin is draped by the Flag
It Is The Soldier
Who allows the protester to burn The Flag
--Charles M. Province

NOTE: Fr. Denis O'Brien, MM, Sgt, USMC, WWII Included This Poem In A Memorial Dedication Once.
He is Chaplain of the
1st Marine Division Association




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Before Continuing, I Ask That You Share A Moment Of Silence With Me To
Honor The Fallen Heroes Who Fought In Vietnam With Honor & Dignity.

Image.. courtesy of Nikki Mendicino. She is a bright and vibrant youngster.. and Friend For Vets. CLICK HERE Too==>Veterans Issues

Young Warriors:
Should Fate Find You on the Battlefield,
May Your Cause Be a Just One.
May Your Courage Not Falter.
May You Show Mercy to Your Enemies.
May Your Efforts Bring the Blessings of Peace.
May You Be Triumphant and Earn Victory.
May Your Sacrifice be always Appreciated.
May You Endure the Conflict Unharmed.
Should You be Harmed,
May Your Wounds Heal.
Should You Perish in the Struggle,
May God Embrace You and Find a
Place for You in his Kingdom.

.............~ Scott A. Tackett Sr

"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility
of servitude greater than the animating contest
for freedom, go home from us in peace.
We seek not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and
lick the hand that feeds you and may posterity
forget that ye were once our countrymen."

--Samuel Adams

~ A Salute and Prayer... ~
(Salute the Brits, Brothers. From them comes this!)

At the coronation of an English monarch, he is given a sword.
Elizabeth II took it last,
and as she held it before the altar, she heard these words:

Receive this kingly Sword, brought now from the altar of God & delivered to you by us, the Bishops and SERVANTS of GOD, though unworthy. With this Sword do justice,stop the growth of iniquity, protect the Holy Church of God, help defend widows and orphans, restore the things that are gone to decay, maintain the things that are restored, punish and reform what is amiss, and confirm what is in good order; that doing these things you may be glorious in all virtue; and so faithfully serve our Lord.

Comes ye olde notice
~in the Sovereign~
"State of Washington"

the One Dollar Bill

To all whom these sights shall come

If you think you are seeing imaging here
that is not right, in aerryre(?), or is
Anything done in ignorance

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for some thoughts that are
rooted in my

"United States of America"

Welcome! but...Beware
Some Here May Amuse, Abuse or Stimulate

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Faith Family Flag...Freedom!

Memorial Day...1996

...Hiding out, with friends in a WA State backyard: "...some are forever!"
Note: Since 1976 I am fortunate to earn a living here, as a one man wood sign and lettermaker.
~ Thank you,all ~

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REDVAR'S CAVE: see Redwoods Nymph in action!
Bob Hope might hire this one!

DOC'S Military Page
Every American Should Visit At Least Once!

Tokyo, 1988

General Douglas A. MacAurther (USA, 5-star) set things up, here, in 1945. He was a big time soldier and statesman: the Japanese Constitution is, still today, what he wrote, more than a few years ago! Without his works, my friends, Dennis Zaborac (USN, Viet Nam,'67-71) and I wouldn't be sitting here at the emperor's palace and grounds! Dennis and I met in 1st grade.

PS: The Emperor Wouldn't Let Us In: We Weren't Important Enough.

Laura's Balloons
She teaches our young folks just what patriotism and the word Veteran means.
*This Is A "Must See" Site*
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~ Salute ~
So much freely shared by so many: ideas and images, herein come from many places. Thank you, all. Some are my own or have been "remodeled" by me. Included links (URLs) will connect you to the web sites where I found them. I am a signmaker. Sinmaker? Why I hope not too much!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . --Erl Syverstad

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Never Ever Again.

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