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Welcome to the updated Real World Fan Page! This page, by RochyRW, contains most (and more in other sites and the RW webring sites) links to Real World sites. I hope I have been helpful with your RW related search and information. The Real World 9 Casting special aired on June 13 ('00) on MTV channel. Check tv guide for the local airing time (supposed to be at 10pm eastern). Today is the last day this site will be updated (this page only). It seems that RW is not as popular as before, I really do not like the current shows as the older ones. Also I am busy with other things, I am not getting any younger :o) Take care.

Note: This site will not be updated after this date.

Note: This page got too long so it was broken down into sections. Also sites to most pixes on this site are listed at end.

Real World Links

General RW Links:
*Bunim-Murray: The RW/RR elves
*The RW at Tubescan
*Real World Online
*RW Fever Updates
*Worldwide Talent Group:
*RW Blows: new site of former RW Sucks!
*Black RW/RR: a site w/ info. on African-American RW/RRers
*RW Wrap
*RW Parody Game: test ur RW knowledge
*Real Rules
*RW/RR Hot Spots
*RW from LookSmart

*RW & RR Web
*The Producer Boys

Other RW Links:
*RW Links: list of links

Casting information:
*Casting info. from Bunim-Murray

ONELists/Message Boards/ETC for RW/RR
*ETC links

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