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    Some do not always have a good ultralight experience. Here is a news clip I scanned of 2 instructors I knew that collided in mid air with each other. One was an Avid, the other was a Challenger II. The Challenger II had a passenger, a man from Oregon taking an Intro flight. The Avid had just the pilot. No one survived. Scoll to the side to see the horrible footage of two mangled airplanes.

    Here's a man's crashed Weed Hopper. He hit the rail shown in the picture with his legs, but the plane kept going....

    And here's another Weed Hopper in some rice patties (this time he only sustained a nice wet butt..)

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    Here's my fuselage sitting on my front lawn after 'almost' all the gussets were put on.

    Here's my fuselage on the table after the sides were pulled together in the rear.....

    Here's my wing ribs being dry fitted to the rear spar to see if they fit:

    And here are pictures from the Lazair Series 2 I just bought.

    Here's the front view:

    And here's the side:

    And here's a pic. of one of the Rotax 185's I have on it. These each put out 9.5 hp.

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