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I am a Red Cross Collector.

Please contact me at

You may contact me at

Sheila Kormos
14528 Sherman Dr NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98332
Or email at

This site is adding pins all the time


IF you are Looking to buy RED CROSS ITEMS and Pins also try my Facebook Group called red cross pin collection for sale

feel free to look Join, or pass the information to others that might be interested. thanks

FOR SALE FOR SALE check below some really good bargins.

Buyer pays shipping, 3.00 for 1- 10 pins, tracking +.90 $6.00 for pri box with tracking, etc.


UPDATED PINS 12/17/2013

Foreign Pins $3 .00 Each

AFES $5. each.

FOR SALE Blood Pins $3 each

Ct Blood Pins, -Misc Blood Pins -Misc Blood 2 Pins

5 RARE pins at $30 each, FT Lewis flag pin, 1992 Northwest Institute pin, ND snowman pin, Race to the Moon Seattle pin, and the miltary hat pin.


For Sale $4.00 each - be the first to pick from my chapter collection. Except circled pins are higher I will be adding states as time permits, or email me if you are interested in a state or states and I will email you the picture.

Florida 1 - Florida 2 - Indiana - Indiana 2 - Illinois - Illinois 2 - Maine - Maryland - Massachesetts - Missouri 1 - New Mexico - New York - Oregon - Rhode Island - South and North Dakota - Pennsylvania1 - Pennsylvania2 - Pennsylvania3 - Tennessee - Vermont - Wisconsin - Stamp pins

I Have patches, ask for pictures.

I am starting putting my patches out on a web site

then click on photo galery

please let me know if that works, no one has tried it yet.


These are all FOR sale

Buttons - ask for pictures

patches - ASK for pictures

PAPER GOODS - ASK for pictures

POSTCARDS FOR Trade or SALE ASK for PRICES and pictures


Below this line is all MY COLLECTION

Parts of my Collection

Here are pictures of my National Collection

My National Collection


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