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Cozy Powell: 1947-1998

Today is a sad day for the whole of rock music. Cozy Powell, the esteemed drummer who worked with everybody from Peter Green to Black Sabbath, was killed yesterday in a high-speed car crash near Bristol, England. He was 50.

Powell was known as one of Britain's most talented players, as he had jobs with Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, Jeff Beck, Emerson, Lake and Powell (the ELP spinoff), and of course, Peter Green's Splinter Group. Cozy had been speeding in his Saab (going well above 90) on Sunday night when he crashed into the center divider. He died later that night of his injuries.

He had a reputation as something of a car fanatic, as he once quit music to race professionally. Friends have memories of him inside extravagent cars like Ferraris (one of which he owned).

At the time of his death, he was recovering from a motorcycle accident which forced him to cancel a tour in Japan with Yngwie Malmsteen, whose new album, "Facing The Animal", contained several tracks where Cozy guest appeared.

Just before he died, he was beginning a reunion with his bandmates in Rainbow. The project is now on hold. Musicians everywhere in England and the world are mourning one of the greatest drummers music has ever had the pleasure of containing.

I, never having met Cozy, can only feel empathy for his family and friends. It would be wrong of me to think that I know exactly how they're feeling, because I obviously don't. Of course rock and roll will go on without him, but, to be blunt, it just won't be as cool. If you'd like to find out more information about this wonderful drummer, and human being, I suggest you go to his Official Site which does a much better job of saluting this percussion genius than I ever could. And if you'd like to see an incredible list of all of Cozy's credits, Click Here.

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