"Carpe' Diem"-painted while at the Pike Place Market and copyrighted in 1986, it sold out a couple years later. The image was released on a postcard which was re-copyrighted 1990.
It was inspired by a fantasy art illustration of the London Bridge in nuclear winter and features a skeleton and the number 15 bus to Ballard where the artist lived at the time.
This piece is sold out and no longer available.


"Reclamation: Disney's Other Proposal"-This piece was painted in 1987 and copyrighted in 1988. Like the Carpe' Diem, it was re-copyrighted 1990
when it was re-printed by a postcard company. In the mid-eighties as the Space Needle sought ways to survive financially, the Disney corporation was
encouraged to provide a remodelling of the Fun Forest and other features of the iconic Seattle symbol from the 1960 Worlds Fair.
This satire on that reclamation hints at a shifting of the polar axis and endangered species returning to provide their own version of "reclamation".
Mother Nature is seen in the clouds and the horses from the Fun Forest merry-go-round with severed poles hope to symbolize the plight of the unicorn:
another extinct species. This was the first artwork of its kind and sold out very quickly. It can now only be purchased through the secondary market.


"The Suburban Northwest Vulture Controversy"- Painted and copyrighted in 1990 it satirizes the obsession with the endangered spotted owl that characterized
political debate at that time. This piece deals with genetic engineering, the shameless commercialization of the Space Needle which has been changed to a McDonalds,
Elvis in a truck which had carried drugs, and the same fellow from an earlier piece, "Wheel of Fortune", with his generic beer. There are many other more subtle
elements hidden in the artwork. Whereas, it is nearly sold out, there are a few we held back. Email us if you are interested in this piece.

"Whalewatch"- Painted in acrylic and copyrighted in 1988, it is a whimsical look at whales in their environment,
It is sold out except for a few we've held back. Please contact us if interested.


When a print gets near the end of the edition, I now remove the item from display which allows it to last longer for people that have "been meaning to get that one" and I can use it as a filler for shows with an extraordinarily large display area. Pieces now nearing extinction include: "Michael's Angel", "City By the Berg", "Sheets of Sound", "Affair to Remember", "Whalewatch", "A New Dawn", "Sleepin' In", "Spokescat", "Reflections", "Limited Nuclear War", and "Steam".

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