"Mystic Moon"-framed 16"x20"-edition of 750-2000. The word "mystic" can either be a noun or adjective giving duallity to its meaning here. As an adjective it means "relating to, or containing mystery..involving a sacred or a secret meaning revealed only to a spiritually enlightened mind". As a noun: "one who seeks for direct intercourse with God, in elevated religious feeling or ecstacy." There is both a cat and mouse hidden in the artwork.

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A framed size of 16" x 20" means the print image size will be about 11" x 15" if you buy the print-only(no mat or frame).
For framed and matted items we try to match as closely as possible the image on the webpage depending on matboard availability.
Because of recent poor handling by UPS and USPS, any framed piece to be shipped more than approx. 500 miles from Boise, Idaho will include a high quality sheet of acrylic instead of glass.
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