"A Stay-at "A stay-at-home Mom" is made up of 3 panels:
11"x 14", 6" x 22", and 16" x 20".

Modern-day Ostriches must decide whether to personally watch her off-spring
or turn them over to an untrusted baby-sitter and risk Farmer Ned mistakenly attempting
to make an omelette of one.
This tryptichIIt'is a giclee' on canvas signed and numbered on the back in an edition of 250.
It comes with a certificate that is simply a legal statement that there won't be more printed
and that the components are light-fast. This piece along with the other combination-type
pieces is "gallery-wrapped" which involves the image being stretched and wrapped
around the stretchers.
bInstructions for hanging are included on the back. You need
an area of about 22" wide and 52" high to hang these.

Copyright Paul Sloan 2014.o

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