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All information stated here is heresay and word of mouth. They may be quoted from a newspaper article or gossip from a mailing list. I claim no validity, but just want the word out to those who want to investigate further. Sources of information stated if known. -Chelebell (Webmistress)

It is official now :o) Natalie had her baby at 10:00 AM (3/15/2001) in Austin, Texas. He is 6lbs and some odd ounces. He is 20 in. long. Both mom and son are doing great. I am sure Adrian is too :o) The baby's name is Jackson Slade, but will go by Slade. It became official when Emily (Robison) called on A&E tonight to request a song for Loretta Lynn to sing. They asked her, and she told everyone. CONGRATS TO NAT AND ADRIAN !!!!!!!

As we reported last week, Dixie Chick Natalie Maines and husband, Adrian Pasdar have announced that the bundle of joy they're expecting is a boy. But during the band's last national radio interview, Natalie admitted that she and Adrian have already picked a name -- Jack Slade. Is there a special reason behind the choice? "Nope," laughs Natalie. "We just thought it sounded cool." Adding that she's given a lot of thought to what kind of mother she'll be. "I never want to be one of those 'nyah-nyah mothers,'" she laughs. "This is me with this other person inside of me -- but I'll never say anything like, 'ya'll, we can't sing 'Sin Wagon' anymore, because Slade's almost five and he knows what the words mean.' My children aren't going to be sheltered. I want them to find their own way."

In the TV Guide hitting stands today Natalie Maines and Adrian Pasdar reveal that they are expecting a little boy. The article also includes the story of their love blooming at first sight. That was at the May 1999 wedding of Chick Emily Robison where Natalie and Pasdar met and spent the night together. But, says Natalie, "He stayed all night, but we didn't do anything, except a lot of kissing. I knew I loved him from the first night."
ALSO, the article says Pasdar asked Natalie's dad, Lloyd Maines, for his blessing before proposing to her. Pasdar said, "He told me, 'You're getting a good girl." Natalie also admits that while her membership in Dixie Chicks has not been "devalued," her career focus has changed with her life change. "I am a little more distant. My life is now about Adrian and me and the baby. We come first."

Adrian and Natalie, who got hitched at a quickie ceremony in Las Vegas this summer, will be leaving for Paris with friends and family. Christmas Eve they will renew their wedding vows.

...Now Maines has her eye on acting, in particular, she'd like to work with her husband, Adrian Pasdar, who stars in the supermatural PAX series Mysterious Ways. "I'm holding out to do something with Adrian because he knows me well. He'd be gentle, take it slow and give me the confidence I need to do something like that," says Maines, who already has one project in development with Pasdar: a son, due in April, whom they've decided to name Jack Slade. "We thought it sounded tough," she says. "He can't get beat up on the playground with that name."

Adrian has a brief interview on Entertainment Tonite tonite talking about how Natalie took a pregnancy test and wasn't able to look. So Adrian looked and told her she was pregnant.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Natalie Maines, lead singer of the Dixie Chicks, may soon be singing lullabies. Maines, 25, who married actor Adrian Pasdar in June, is pregnant, it was announced Monday. The baby is due in April. "This is merely the first of 10 children," Pasdar, 35, joked.
The Dixie Chicks - Maines, Emily Erwin and Martie Seidel - have sold more than 15 million CDs. Their hits include "Ready to Run" and "Goodbye Earl."
Maines's 18-month marriage to Michael Tarabay, a former bass player for the Chicks, ended earlier this year. The marriage is Pasdar's first.

In an appearance on this morning's Live with Regis, actor Adrian Pasdar announced that he and wife Natalie Maines (Dixie Chicks) are expecting. Pasdar, who was promoting the launch of his new PAX TV series, Mysterious Ways (premiering Tuesday, August 22 at 8:00PM ET/PT) noted: "I've had luck in triples-a new wife, a new baby and a new series." Currently, the series is enjoying a multi-episode preview on NBC.
That wasn't his only recent run of good luck. Pasdar shared an anecdote regarding his recent marriage at Las Vegas' Little White Chapel on the Strip: "It was great, it cost us about $70 to get married. That included the bride and groom hats, the ceremony, and T-shirts that say 'I got married' there...I'll never get luckier in Las Vegas than I did on that trip. I left there with a beautiful wife and $740 in my pocket."
For this interview on real audio ..CLICK HERE..

Speaking of the Chicks, last week we told you that Natalie would be in Vancouver tonight with husband Adrian Pasdar to watch the premiere episode of his new NBC-TV series, "Mysterious Ways," when it airs at 8pm ET/PT. As for Natalie's career with the Chicks, Adrian isn't offering any career advice. He explains, "She knows what's good for her and I know what's good for me. I mean, she's really at the top of her game right now -- and there's nothing I can say that will give her insight on how to make it better." However, Adrian is optimistic that he and Natalie will eventually have the opportunity to work together. He says, "I'd love to direct her someday. I think she'd be a tremendous actress. She's very instinctual and honest. She has a really good 'stupid meter.' She can't do anything that feels 'wrong.' She's very stubborn that way. An 'honesty meter' is a key instrument for any successful actor. She'll make a terrific actress if she decides to do that one day." Explaining how their relationship bloomed, Adrian says, "When you look back, it seems like such a fairy tale. But at the time, it just seemed like the next logical step to spend the next day together, the day after that, the next week after that ... and then the next month. Now it's been a year and a-half." (T-100)

If you're a Dixie Chicks fan, you'll want to tune into "Mysterious Ways," the NBC-TV series which debuts Monday at 8pm ET/PT. The show stars Natalie Maines' husband, Adrian Pasdar, who portrays an anthropology professor who investigates "miraculous phenomena."
With Adrian's series filming in Vancouver and Natalie traveling throughout the nation on the Chicks' current tour, their schedules are frantic. However, Adrian says he hasn't found any drawbacks to maintaining a dual show business marriage.
When asked what's the best thing about their relationship, he says, "We both kind of round each other out in many ways. She's my best friend." In describing Natalie, Adrian says, "She a barefoot girl from Texas, that's it. She's a coupon clipper. She's a real country girl." That country girl should feel right at home at the couple's new home in Bozeman, Montana. He says, "She was from Texas, I was from L.A., and we just moved to Montana. It's a place where you can really get away from showbiz entirely because everyone there works hard for a living. They're honest people. The people there are just like the families we came from. When we're together, we really don't want to be around anyone else and Montana is the easiest place to do that."
Adrian was busy in California this past Wednesday night when the Chicks performed the first of two sold-out shows at New York City's Radio City Music Hall. However, they'll be spending quality time together Monday night when they watch the first episode of "Mysterious Ways." Adrian says, "She'll be with me in Vancouver." (T-100) .

Adrian was on Entertainment tonight from the premiere party for MYSTERIOUS WAYS talking about Natalie. They showed about two pics, which we have all seen, and Adrian said he was thrilled to have found a woman who loves him as much he loves her and also mentioned that if he ever lost his wedding ring, his wife would kill him. The segment was only about a minute long and that was about it, other than just mentioning the new show.

Check out Adrian's WIFE:

The Unofficial Dixie Chicks Site

Letting it `Fly': The Dixie Chicks are soaring to new heights thanks to their new take on traditional country
You don't get to be country music's hottest group without following a calculated plan for success. Or do you?
..(Scaled version)..
When the tour played Las Vegas in late June, Robison says, ``Natalie ran off and married her boyfriend,'' actor Adrian Pasdar.
``They actually met at my wedding'' (to country singer Charlie Robison), the former Emily Erwin continues. ``Everything's very incestuous. Adrian was actually one of my husband's groomsmen. And Martie's boyfriend is Natalie's sister's husband's brother. So it's kinda all in the family.''

SEVEN DEGREES OF ADRIAN PASDAR.....Just food for thought. Adrian is good friends with Charlie Robison, who is married to Emily Burns Erwin Robison, who is good friend and bandmate to Natalie Maines, who is now Adrians wife. Seems all nice and in line but did you know what brings it out to full circle? Take the fact that Emily and Adrian were both born in Pittsfield, MA, albeit Adrian in 1965 and Emily in 1972.

Yup, you read that right! Right after running off stage after a standing room only Fly Tour show in Las Vegas, Natalie Maines and longtime boyfriend Adrian Pasdar jumped in a limo and were whisked away to a nearby wedding chapel, where in true crazy Chick fashion they exchanged vows at midnight before heading to Salt Lake City for the Saturday night show.

Dixie Chick Natalie Maines Weds Adrian Pasdar Early This Morning in Vegas Ceremony
Dixie Chicks' lead singer Natalie Maines and beau Adrian Pasdar "tied-the-knot" early Saturday morning at 12:10AM at the famous A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.
Following the group's sold out show at Vegas' Thomas and Mack Arena, the couple (with only a photographer and security guard in attendance) immediately left the venue and went to the chapel located on the Vegas strip. "Pastor Ann" married the couple in a simple $55 ceremony, the least expensive no-frills package offered, which included use of the chapel, candlelight service, traditional music, and the minister. The bride wore a one-of-a-kind vintage gown of champagne color Austrian crystals, designed by Giorgio di Saint Angelo. The groom wore a steel gray Prada suit with a black ruffled Gucci shirt.
Following the ceremony, the happy couple purchased matching chapel T-shirts with purple hearts. They then joined fellow band members Martie Seidel and Emily Robison, along with the crew and usual "Fly" tour entourage, for an evening of gambling at Mandalay Bay before hitting the road for Salt Lake City at 2:15am. (Emily Erwin was up $335 and Martie Seidel won $210 and the newlyweds won $740.)
Maines and Pasdar met at the May 1999 wedding of band member Emily Erwin and singer/songwriter Charlie Robison.
Pasdar is currently filming an upcoming NBC television series entitled "Mysterious Ways." No word on when the couple will take a honeymoon.
The Dixie Chicks are three weeks into their first headline tour which has seen sell-outs in every US market the tour has played including a recent Los Angeles date which sold out in an hour and a second LA date added which also sold out. Their debut album Wide Open Spaces is approaching 10 million in sales, and their follow-up Fly is closing in on six million.
A Little White Wedding Chapel located on the glittering Las Vegas Strip, is perhaps the most famous of the nearly 100 chapels specializing in one of Las Vegas' most enduring traditions, the quickie wedding. A Little White Wedding Chapel has hosted weddings since 1954, and numerous celebrities have said their vows there, including Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jordan, and Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. (Mickey Rooney liked the chapel so much that he was married there twice.)

Dixie Chicks' lead singer Natalie Maines and actor Adrian Pasdar were married Saturday, a year after meeting at the wedding of fellow Chick Emily Robison.
A spokeswoman at the Little White Chapel confirmed the marriage of Maines, 25, and Pasdar, 35. It was a rush to the altar for the 5-foot-3 blonde and her Iranian-German boyfriend, who made his acting debut in "Top Gun" as fighter-pilot "Chipper." Forty-five minutes earlier, Maines and the Chicks had performed Friday on their "Fly" tour at the Thomas & Mack Center. After honeymooning at the Four Seasons Hotel at Mandalay Bay, they zipped off to Salt Lake City for the Chicks' next concert Saturday night.
Pasdar is starring opposite Rae Dawn Chong in the upcoming TV series "Mysterious Ways."
Pasdar's promising football career at the University of Florida was dashed by a serious car accident in the mid-1980s. After moving to Los Angeles he dated Cecilia Peck, daughter of actor Gregory Peck, for two years. Maines was divorced earlier this year after an 18-month marriage to musician Michael Tarabay.

One week ago, Adrian's girlfriend, Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks was in Los Angeles to record a song for the first episode of "Mysterious Ways." The song being used is the gospel classic, "Amazing Grace." Natalie came to the recording studio with her traveling companion, her bulldog, Ralph. She sounded 'amazing.' "Mysterious Ways" will air on PAX Tuesday, August 22nd from 8:00-9:00 p.m. (ET/PT).

Natalie Maines lives the good life of a talented Fly girl
THE Dixie Chicks' lead singer is whistling a Canadian tune these days. Natalie Maines is now living part-time in Vancouver. The Texas beauty isn't trying to escape the glare of the intense spotlight that has focused on the Grammy-winning country trio over the past few years -- she's re-located to Canada's West Coast for love.
Maines is dating actor Adrian Pasdar and he is currently filming the new TV series Mysterious Ways in Vancouver, so the couple have rented a home there.
The hour-long drama is scheduled to start airing in August and Maines is contributing to the premiere.
"I'm not making a physical appearance, but I am singing Amazing Grace on the first episode. It's just my voice and Adrian will be on the screen, so we think that's kinda neat -- we'll be there together, but not," Maines tells the Sun in a phone interview from the home she shares with Pasdar in Los Angeles.
The couple have Dixie Chick Emily Robison (nee: Erwin) to thank for their getting together.
"He was a groomsman and I was a bridesmaid -- pretty funny, huh?" Maines says of their meeting at Emily's wedding last May to musician Charlie Robison.
"He (Pasdar) wasn't at the rehearsal dinner because his car broke down, so I remember thinking: 'Oh this is going to be soooo boring.' But the wedding was a lot of fun!"
Since he had just finished an acting gig and she and the her fellow Chicks were taking six months off, the couple have spent a lot of time together.
"For about a year we've been together non-stop. The past month is the first time we've been apart."
So this sounds like it's pretty serious? "It started serious," replies Maines.
The Dixie Chicks' first headlining concert tour -- which makes a stop at the Saddledome June 4 -- is part of the reason the couple have been spending more time apart lately.
Maines says she, Robison and Martie Seidel are really looking forward to their big tour, especially after taking some time off to regroup. "All three of us needed to miss the music and the band and everything."
The trio, which has raked in just about every music award there is, used their time off not only to relax, but to learn to cope with the fame they've earned for themselves.
"Nobody realizes how ordinary you really are. We're not complaining or whining -- we know it comes with the territory, and we're smart enough to know we needed time to adjust to it and that's part of the reason we took six months off," says Maines. "I'm not sure there's any other way in life that your life can change so much and so quickly. Maybe a death ... but most people's lives stay pretty much along the same plane.
"I needed to step back to reflect, to be really normal and pick up my dog's poop," Maines says, referring to her bulldog Ralph.
Pasdar, whose Staffordshire terrier is named Marly, gave Maines Ralph as a gift.
Living in L.A. also allowed Maines to remain relatively incognito. Besides, with so many stars in Hollywood, even if a fan did recognize her, it wasn't usually a big deal. "The sad thing is I love Texas so much, but I have to be 'on' in Texas. I have to look good and I gotta be nice the entire time. Everyone in Texas knows who we are. I don't know how Emily can live there."
So with all the fame and fortune the Dixie Chicks have achieved -- especially with the success of their second album Fly -- is there anything special that Maines has treated herself to? "It's weird -- you dream of winning the lottery and everything you'll do and buy, and then when you have the money, you don't need those things.
"You know you can have them if you want and there's sort of a nice feeling that goes along with that, but I haven't bought anything. "I have two nice cars. I don't even own a house -- I rent houses (New York, Nashville, L.A. and Vancouver). "I'm not real settled, but I'm more settled in myself than in the world. "I used to want to make a home and have the perfect house and put my energies into that, but now it's more about Adrian and the dogs and just being happy."

Lions Gate Television's `Mysterious Ways' starring Adrian Pasdar and Rae Dawn Chong gets 22 episode order from PAX TV
VANCOUVER, May 23 /CNW-PRN/ - Lions Gate Television, a division of Lions Gate Entertainment, announced today that family entertainment broadcast network PAX TV has ordered 22 episodes of ``Mysterious Ways,'' the original, new one-hour dramatic series produced and distributed by Lions Gate Television. Now in production at Lions Gate Studios on the North Shore of Vancouver, the series stars Adrian Pasdar (``Profit,'' ``Carlito's Way'') and film actress Rae Dawn Chong (``Quest for Fire''), and is executive produced by Carl Binder (``Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,'' ``Little Men'') and Peter O'Fallon (``Party of Five,'' ``Northern Exposure''). The series premieres Tuesday, August 22 (8:00 - 9:00 p.m., ET/PT) on PAX.
This is a very exciting project for us and we are pleased to be working, once again, with PAX TV,'' said Kevin Beggs, Lions Gate's Executive Vice President, Television Series.
Announcing the order at PAX TV's upfront presentation in New York last week, Jeff Sagansky, President and CEO of Paxson Communication said, ```Mysterious Ways' brings together one of the best casts and creative teams we've ever attracted.''
Mysterious Ways'' follows the personal quest of Declan Dunn (Pasdar), whose boyhood fascination with inexplicable phenomena has become a relentless adult pursuit. Buried under an avalanche and given up for dead, Declan has always wondered: Why was he chosen to survive? Did unbelievable coincidence and human intervention conspire to rescue him, or was it predestined?
Now a Professor of Anthropology at a leading university, Declan has the training, support staff and frequent opportunities to investigate uncanny phenomena that happen to people everyday. Each week, with the assistance of skeptical psychiatrist, Peggy Fowler (Chong), Declan embarks upon an adventure into the impossible: How could a ten-year-old child survive drowning in a freezing lake? How can two college students who act like twins not even be related? How can the simple touch of one woman be responsible for a town's ``good luck?'' Every week, a powerful human drama will take Declan and Peggy to the precipice between fact and faith.
Adrian Pasdar most recently starred in the critically acclaimed 1996 Fox series, ``Profit.'' He also has been featured in films such as ``Top Gun,'' ``Chipper,'' ``Solar Babies,'' ``Carlito's Way'' and Katherine Bigelow's 1987 cult vampire movie, ``Near Dark.'' In addition to his impressive body of work, Pasdar wrote and directed the short film ``Beyond Belief'' and the feature film ``Cement,'' which won ``Best Picture'' awards on the festival circuit and is scheduled to be released this fall.
Rae Dawn Chong made her film debut in the motion picture, ``Quest for Fire.'' Since then she has appeared in more than 20 films including the critically acclaimed ``Choose Me,'' ``The Color Purple,'' ``Commando,'' ``Soul Man'' and ``Tales From the Darkside: The Movie.'' She made her directorial debut with the feature film ``The Babylon Sisters'' and also had a recurring role on ``Melrose Place.''
Filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, ``Mysterious Ways,'' is produced and distributed in North America by Lions Gate Television. Sony Columbia Tri-Star is the worldwide distributor.

Lucky Dog artist Charlie Robison is becoming somewhat of an actor as well as a renowned musician. Robison's made an appearance in "We Meet On The Vineyard" also starring Julianne Margolis and Dixie Carter which recently debuted at the Cannes Film Festival. This is not his first time Robison has made a foray into acting as he made an appearance in 1997's "Blood Trail" as well as the NBC mini-series "House Of Frankenstein".

*NOTE* Two of these projects were Adrian's

Adrian Pasdar is the GRAND PRIZE winner at the April 2000 Worldfest-Houston film festival for his directing debut of CEMENT.
WorldFest-Houston 2000 Feature Film Winners List
Grand Prize Winner
"Cement" Thriller
Adrian Pasdar
CEMENT (USA) 11 p.m. Friday, April 14 -- A darkly humorous tale full of action and rapid-fire dialog about a conflicted alliance between cops and wiseguys that goes very sour, this movie is directed by popular independent film actor Adrian Pasdar and stars Chris Penn and Sherilyn Fenn. It concretely depicts how the lust for one beautiful and risk-loving woman brings on the demise of both sides of a seedy and vengeful underworld.
(posted to my mailing list by)SHARON J. HULTON

Recently we were invited by Adrian's girlfriend, Natalie Maines, to "ask her a question." -anajean2
Chicklett posted 05-07-2000 07:34 PM
"Natalie, Adrian Pasdar has gotten Charlie Robison in some films that Adrian has done. Is there any chance that you might make a guest appearance on his summer TV series, MYSTERIOUS WAYS?"
Her reply is below:
Natalie Moderator posted 05-11-2000 04:39 PM

Natalie Maines recently answered some questions from fans on the message board at The fan who asked the question posted this to the Dixie Chicks eGroup:
I asked her what her first words to Adrian were and how did she know that he was the one. This is what 'she' said: "The first thing I said to him was we missed you last night. He had car trouble and didn't make it in for the dinner the night before the wedding. He claims I said you are late. But he's wrong and I'm right. I said it to him as we were walking down the isle. We had a strong connection right from the beginning. We've been together from that day on, but I guess I loved him as much as you could love a stranger, but it grows with every day and that's the best part."

I had asked him where you could write to him for autographs!!!! [Recently, Marple Newtown High School, where I teach and where I taught Adrian, had a fire, burning two science rooms and drowning the English Department underneath in water. This is what he is referring to in his note.]
"Sharon. Hello there! Happy holidays to you. Hope all is well. Sad to hear about the fire. Trust nobody was hurt. Autographs can be had by writing to me c/o Will Flaherty @ 8949 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90069. Best wishes for a Happy New Year! AP."
(posted to my mailing list by)SHARON J. HULTON

Sharon. Just to update you, the news on Cement has been rather promising of late. A twenty city debut with a platform strategy. Not straight-to-video. Thanks for all the hard work. I really am honored. AP.
(posted to my mailing list by)SHARON J. HULTON

Well By now we realize Adrian and Natalie are about as real as we can see. Even wedding bells if we believe the National Enquirer. But just another thread that ties it all together, Adrian has produced his buddy CHARLIE ROBISON's video "My Hometown". [It was at Charlie's wedding that Adrian met Natalie]

Hmm now I have found another article confirming the dip Natalie took in the hot tob at Emily's wedding but it didn't say who with, and a country music mag snippet about her and Adrian so I am to believe all rumors are now true. I also received an email from a friend of Charlie Robison who has told me that Adrian was joined at the hip with Natalie thru her last tour and sees him often now. So now I can say Congrats Adrian!

Rumor has it, our boy has found a girl!! Yup the whispers began during the Country Music Awards when viewers saw Adrian arm and arm with...That's right! Natalie Maines, the perky lead singer of the Dixie Chicks. Information has it that they have been an 'item' since May 1, 1999 when the two met at Emily and Charlie Robison's wedding. Rumor also has it that Adrian has been seen in Europe on some of the concert dates :o)...*sigh*

Adrian is in a new movie that is in post-production. The movie is WE MET ON THE VINEYARD. Director - Ian McCrudden. Producer - Forrest Murray, DEAD MAN WALKING. Others in this movie are Julianna Margulies, ER. Dixie Carter, DESIGNING WOMEN.

Adrian is making his directorial debut with the movie Cement (1999). It is said to be a modern day Othello. It was written by Justin Monjo and will be produced by Ocelot Films. The movie is co-produced by Adrian and his manager, Will Flaherty, who together make up Bobcat Productions. The movie is now in post-production and doing the festival circuit. So keep a lookout for a release date!

Feel free to e-mail me if you hear of anything!