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Late 1987/Early 1988: Lima, Seattle, WA
Stray Cat Blues, When The Levee Breaks, Funk 49…
Notes: Lords Of The Wasteland show. May have played 2 shows here. The band played only cover versions. Setlist above incomplete. The venue is an old shoe store!

August 11 1988: Kent Skate Ring, Kent University, Seattle, WA
Thru Fadeaway, Half Ass Monkey Boy, Showdown, Lady Godiva Blues, Stargazer, Bone China, Captain Hi-Top, Stardog Champion, Holy Roller.

November 17 1988: Unknown Venue, Seattle, WA

September 1 1988: Central Tavern, Seattle, WA
Notes: This show may have occurred September 1 1989. Reports have stated September 1 shows at the Central in both 1988 and 1989. Unsure if MLB played both or just one (ie. Contradictory reports).

1988: Community World Theatre, Tacoma, WA

1988: Paramount, Seattle, WA

March 20 1989: Oxford Tavern, Seattle, WA
Notes: Shine record release party. It is not known whether MLB actually performed or not.

March 30 1989: The Channel, Boston, MA
Notes: First show of the 30 day Shine tour supporting Dogs D’Amour.

March 31 1989: The Living Room, Providence, RI

April 1989: Rockford, IL

April 27 or 29 1989: Club With No Name, Hollywood, CA

April 28 1989: Club With No Name, Hollywood, CA
Notes: 2 night stand here. Definitely played on the 28th. Unsure whether MLB played on the 27th or 29th.

May 1 1989: Cactus Club, San Jose, CA
Thru Fadeaway, Captain Hi-Top, Seasons Changing, Mr. Danny Boy, Bone China, Heartshine, Come Bite The Apple, Stardog Champion, Half Ass Monkey Boy, This Is Shangri-la, Crown Of Thorns, I’m In Love With My Car.

May 4 1989: Oz, Seattle, WA
Notes: Headline show. Supported by Alice In Chains. Club is newly opened. 1 report states this show occurred in April, however, another source gives this specific date.

June 1989: Unknown Venue, Seattle, WA

September 1 1989: Central Tavern, Seattle, WA
Notes: See notes for September 1 1988.

September 3 1989: Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, WA
Captain Hi-Top, This is Shangri-la, Come Bite The Apple, Bone China, Heartshine, Capricorn Sister, Gentle Groove, Thru Fadeaway, Mr. Danny Boy, Half Ass Monkey Boy, Stardog Champion, Holy Roller, Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns. Notes: The Doors’ LA Woman was also played somewhere in the set. (It’s after Mr. Danny Boy on the Bootleg CD, but it’s not listed on anyone’s list I’ve seen who has the video).

October 1989: The Vogue, Seattle, WA
Holy Roller, Half Ass Monkey Boy, Capricorn Sister, Heartshine, Bone China, Thru Fadeaway, ?, Stardog Champion, Captain Hi-Top, Mindshaker Meltdown.

December 1988 or 1989: Central Tavern, Seattle, WA

December 29 1989: Paramount, Seattle, WA
Notes: 10th Anniversary of the Pacific Northwest’s “Rocket” magazine. Beat Happening, the Defenders, The Fastbacks, Girl Trouble, The Posies, The Walkabouts and the Young Fresh Fellows were also on the bill this night.

January 30 1990: The Vogue, Seattle, WA
This Is Shangri-la, Capricorn Sister, Half Ass Monkey Boy, Bone China, Hearthshine, Mr. Danny Boy, Come Bite The Apple, Thru Fadeway, Stardog Champion, Holy Roller, Hold Your Head Up, I’m In Love With My Car.

First week of March 1990: Central Tavern, Seattle, WA

March 24 1990:Paramount, Seattle, WA
Notes: Public wake after Andy’s funeral. David Wood (Andy’s dad), gives a eulogy. About 1000 people attend. Dr. Richard Fields, a General Valley Hospital Consultant spoke about drug abuse. A collection was taken up to fund an anti-drug video education campaign.

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